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A Girl Who Wished Upon Santa: A Disney Christmas Gift Basket!

by Nicholas Karatzas 16 Dec 2022
On Christmas morning, a little girl woke up and was so excited to go downstairs and see what Santa had left her. She ran down the stairs and saw that there was an enormous Disney Christmas gift basket sitting under the tree. It was overflowing with all sorts of goodies, including stuffed animals, clothes, slippers, puzzles, coloring books, art supplies and even a few Disney CDs. The little girl's eyes lit up with joy as she looked over the beautiful array of gifts Santa had left her.

She quickly unwrapped each present one by one and carefully examined every item. There were several plush Mickey Mouse dolls that she cuddled up against as if they were her own children. She found an adorable Minnie Mouse outfit complete with a skirt, tights and pink shoes that she put on right away. There were also two classic Disney VHS tapes that she watched throughout the day - Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King - instantly becoming her new favorite movies!

As she continued to go through her presents, the little girl came across a special surprise from Santa: a handwritten letter addressed to her from none other than Ol' St. Nick himself! The letter informed her that he had heard of how much she loved Disney movies and wanted to give her a special gift basket so she would always have something to remind her of magical times at Disneyland. He ended by saying he hoped she enjoyed it and wished her a merry Christmas!

The little girl was so thrilled by this special treat from Santa; she couldn't believe it! She hugged the stuffed toys close to her chest as tears of joy rolled down cheeks. She knew this would be one Christmas Day she'd never forget!
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