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Twelve Sympathy Gift Baskets Types: Perfect Gifts to Show Your Condolences

by Nicholas Karatzas 02 Mar 2023

When experiencing the loss of a loved one, it can be difficult to express condolences in words. Sympathy gift baskets are an effective way to show your sympathy and support during these difficult times. From comforting fruit baskets to gourmet gifts, there are many options available for conveying your sympathy and care. Here are twelve classic sympathy gift basket ideas that can help bring comfort and love to those going through grief.

Here are the 12 best types of sympathy gifts:

  1. Fruit basket: 

    An elegant basket of fresh seasonal fruits is a simple yet meaningful gesture, showing thoughtfulness and compassion. Choose from apples, oranges, pears, grapes, melons, kiwis, berries, or other fruits for an attractive presentation of comfort food items.
  2. Gourmet Gift Boxes: 

    Gourmet gift boxes packed with fine treats such as chocolates, cookies, cheese breads, crackers, nuts, and dried fruits make an impressive gift during tough times. These boxes contain a variety of goodies that can help the recipient feel better by indulging in something special and delicious.
  3. Spa Gift Baskets: 

    Spa gift baskets provide the perfect way to send relaxation vibes during a stressful time. Fill them up with luxurious bath products, such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, and body wash; calming fragrances like lavender; cozy slippers; massage oils; spa-style candles; or even soothing music CDs to create the ultimate relaxation experience for the recipient.
  4. Flowers: 

    A bouquet of beautiful blooms is always appreciated when someone experiences loss or grief. Choose from traditional flowers like roses or lilies, or go for something unique like sunflowers or daisies, depending on their taste and preference. A thoughtful card expressing your sympathies adds a personal touch, too!
  5. Memory Keepsakes: 

    Personalized memory keepsakes make perfect sympathy gifts that will bring comfort long after they're received. Create customized photo frames featuring cherished memories with the lost loved one; memorial wind chimes to represent their spirit; personalized mugs with messages that commemorate their life -- all of these serve as tangible reminders of the life once lived and bring solace to those in mourning processions The grieving person can enjoy these tokens every day which will remind them how much you care about them even when they’re not able to be around you physically anymore.
  6. Care Packages: 

    Care packages filled with everyday necessities such as water bottles, healthy snacks, teas, and coffee provide practical assistance while reminding them they are not alone in this difficult time period ahead of them. Include some cozy items such as blankets and warm socks too, so they won't have to worry about anything while they grieve peacefully at home.
  7. Comfort Foods: 

    Comfort foods like soup mixes or pre-made meals offer nourishment during a trying period, when it can be hard to think about cooking for oneself. Comfort foods come pre-packaged for easy preparation, making it easier for someone going through loss without having to worry about grocery shopping trips.
  8. Books & Journals: 

    Reading material is always welcome when someone needs distraction from their grief. Pick out uplifting books, inspirational journals, autobiographies, poetry collections, spiritual books, or any other literature that could bring peace to someone who needs a moment away from reality.
  9. Artwork: 

    Artwork such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, or photographs make beautiful remembrances that are sure to bring warmth into someone's life. They'll be able to take these pieces home with them wherever they go, making sure they never forget how much you care.
  10. Charitable Donations: 

    Make donations in honor of the deceased on behalf of the grieving person by contributing to charities serving causes close to their heart. This gesture shows support even if you're unable to physically be there.
  11. Plant Gifts: 

    Send plants along with messages inscribed on cards containing comforting words. Choose indoor plants which require minimum maintenance; easy-upkeep plants like cacti or succulents that last longer than cut flowers.
  12. Candle Sets: 

    For those seeking something more spiritual, candle sets make wonderful gifts, especially if accompanied by prayers written on cards. Candles symbolize hope and represent eternal light in dark times, instilling faith within those struggling through bereavement processes.

Sympathy Gift Basket Delivery Ideas

    At, it is our mission to provide you with thoughtful and meaningful sympathy gifts that bring warmth and comfort to those in need during this difficult time. Each gift has been carefully chosen to symbolize your care and concern for the recipient’s wellbeing, and all orders come with free shipping. This makes it easy to show your sympathy without having to worry about any additional stress or hassle. If you’re looking for an exceptional way to express your sympathy and care, our sympathy gifts are sure to bring a comforting touch of kindness during this difficult time.

    Sympathy Plant Delivery

    Sympathy flowers are a traditional way to express one’s condolences, and at, we offer an exceptional selection of sympathy plants for delivery. From potted plants and flowering arrangements to bonsai trees and more, our condolence gifts provide a special way to show your compassion and support during this difficult time. All plants come with a personalized card, so you can share a special memory or words of encouragement with the recipient.

    Sympathy Fruit Baskets

    At, we also offer unique sympathy fruit baskets for delivery—because sometimes it is more meaningful to give an item with a longer shelf life, or something that can be shared and enjoyed by the entire family. Our sympathy fruit baskets are filled with fresh fruits, nuts, and other tasty treats—all of which are hand-picked and carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition at the recipient's door. Plus, each one comes with a personalized card so you can share a special memory or words of comfort with your recipient.

    No matter what type of sympathy gift you choose, rest assured that it will bring warmth and comfort to those who need it most during this difficult time. We are here to provide thoughtful and meaningful gifts that honor the memory of a loved one and express care for those they have left behind. Thank you for choosing!

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