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What Fruit The Wednesday Cast Would Have Got Instead Of Flowers At The Nevermore Academy

by Nicholas Karatzas 06 Dec 2022

In the Netflix show Wednesday, the main characters are all starting their first year at the mysterious Nevermore Academy. As part of their initiation, each character is presented with a single flower as a token of appreciation for joining. But what if they had been given fruit instead? Let’s explore what type of fruit each of the cast would have received.

Wednesday Addams - an Apple!

With her dark sense of humor and love for all things macabre, Wednesday would have been presented with an apple—a symbol often associated with knowledge and education. After all, she is one of the smartest students in school!

Pugsley Addams - a Pineapple!

Pugsley is a mischievous troublemaker who loves to tinker and invent new contraptions. His affinity for invention and creation would be perfectly matched by a pineapple—a symbol often associated with hospitality, joy, and new beginnings.

Lurch - an Orange!

Lurch is the loyal butler to the Addams family who always has everyone’s best interests at heart. He would have received an orange—a symbol often associated with good health, vitality and abundance.

Grace - a Banana!

Grace is Wednesday’s closest friend who always stands up for what she believes in no matter what anyone else says or thinks. Her brave spirit deserves to be rewarded with a banana—a symbol often associated with fertility and good luck! Lucky for Grace, 1800GOFRUIT has awesome chocolate gift baskets that can be used to make chocolate covered bananas.

Malcolm - an Avacado!

Malcolm is another one of Wednesday’s close friends who always finds himself in interesting (and sometimes dangerous) situations. His curiosity could be rewarded with an avocado—a symbol often associated with protection, stamina, and perseverance!

Whether it's flowers or fruit, there's no denying that each character from Netflix's show Wednesday has something special about them that makes them stand out from the crowd. From apples to pineapples to avocados, each character was given (or should have been given) a piece of fruit that perfectly captures their unique personalities! Hopefully these symbolic fruits will bring them luck during their time at Nevermore Academy!

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