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A Guide to Blue Rose Meaning and Symbolism

by Nicholas Karatzas 20 Dec 2022

Blue roses are the stuff of dreams and fairy tales. They are a symbol of mystery, magic, and the unachievable – something that is longed for but out of reach. But what does it mean when someone gives you a single blue rose, or a dozen? What occasions are blue roses used for? Let's explore the magical meaning behind this mysterious bloom.

The History Behind Blue Roses

The history surrounding blue roses is steeped in folklore and legend. In some cultures, they were thought to be an emblem of love and hope, while others considered them a sign of a broken heart or unattainable love. The reason for this is simple – until recently, it was impossible to create a true blue rose naturally! Thanks to modern technology (like genetic engineering), we can now enjoy these vibrant blooms year-round.

What Occasions Are Blue Roses Used For

There are many occasions where blue roses may be appropriate. Here are some common examples:

Weddings: Blue roses have become popular symbols of commitment, loyalty, trustworthiness and forever love on wedding days!

Mother’s Day: To show your mom how much you appreciate her unconditional love and dedication to your family – what better way than with blue roses.

Valentine’s Day: Show your special someone that you care with this romantic gesture of everlasting affection.

Funerals: As a sign of remembrance for those who have passed away, blue roses have come to represent peace and understanding during times of sorrow.

The Significance Of The Number Of Blue Roses

The number of blue roses given can also signify something special. For example, one rose could represent admiration or appreciation; three could stand for friendship or loyalty; five could mean “I’m thinking about you”; seven could be given as a token of gratitude; nine could signify eternal love; eleven could indicate fidelity; thirteen could be given as congratulations on an accomplishment; fifteen signifies true love forevermore! All these meanings make giving blue roses an even more meaningful gesture!

Blue roses are truly unique gifts that offer an array of symbolic possibilities depending on the occasion and number gifted. Whether you want to express your undying love or give thanks for support during trying times – nothing says it better than these beautiful blooms! So why not send someone special the gift of dreams in the form of a bluest rose today?

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