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Flower meaning

The March Birth Flower: Violet

by Nicholas Karatzas 26 Dec 2022

If you’re born in the month of March, then you have two special flowers that represent you. March’s birth flower is the dainty little violet and its secondary birth flower is the jonquil. Both of these flowers symbolize different meanings and can be used to create a beautiful bouquet for your special day. Let’s break down the meaning of each flower, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about them.

March Birth Flower Violet - Symbolism & Meaning

The humble violet has a long history of being associated with royalty, love, and faithfulness. It’s also known for its sweet scent, which is why it was often given as a gift in ancient Greece and Rome. In many cultures, the violet is seen as a symbol of modesty and humility, while in others it stands for fertility and luck. In terms of emotions, violets are said to represent love and affection – which makes them an ideal choice for March birthday gifts!

Second Birth Flower of March: Jonquil - Symbolism & Meaning

The jonquil is another popular birth flower for March babies. Its bright yellow petals symbolize joy and happiness – perfect for celebrating your special day! This flower is also associated with hope, desire, sympathy, and unrequited love. Jonquils have been popular since ancient times; they were even mentioned in Greek mythology! It’s no wonder that this cheerful bloom makes such a great addition to any bouquet or floral arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions about the March Birth Flower

Q: What does the color of my birth flower represent?

A: The color of both your primary (violet) and secondary (jonquil) birth flowers represents different things depending on culture or tradition. Generally speaking though, violets are associated with royalty while jonquils signify joy or happiness.

Q: What zodiac sign matches my birth flower?

A: The zodiac sign that matches both your primary (violet) and secondary (jonquil) birth flowers is Pisces! Like these two flowers, people born under this sign are often sensitive yet wise beyond their years – making them deeply compassionate individuals who understand the needs of others without judgment or criticism.

Violets and jonquils are two beautiful blooms that make perfect gifts for those born in the month of March! These lovely blossoms not only look beautiful but they also carry deep symbolism related to loyalty, joy, hope, desire, fertility, luck…the list goes on! Plus they pair perfectly with one another to create stunning arrangements fit for any occasion – whether it be a birthday celebration or just because! So if you know someone born under the zodiac sign Pisces whose birthday falls during this month don't forget to pick up some violets or jonquils when you go shopping for their special day!

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