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The December Birth Flower: Meaning & Symbolism

by Nicholas Karatzas 20 Dec 2022

Have you ever wondered what flower symbolizes your birthday? If you were born in December, it turns out that two flowers have been assigned to your birth month. Let’s take a look at the official December birth flower meaning and symbolism, plus the secondary birth flower for people born in this month. We’ll also reveal a special zodiac flower for those with December birthdays. Plus, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about the December birth flower.

Official December Birth Flower Meaning & Symbolism

The most widely accepted December birth flower is holly – specifically, the English (or European) variety. This evergreen shrub produces glossy dark green leaves and bright red berries during wintertime. In addition to being used as a festive decoration during Christmas time, holly has long been associated with eternal life and renewal. The bright red berries are believed to represent hope against despair and surety of protection from evil.

Holly is also an apt symbol for those born in December since it’s one of the few flowering plants that can still be found growing during winter months. Its ability to thrive even when other plants are dormant speaks volumes about hardy characteristics of those born under this sign!

Secondary December Birth Flower

The second official birth flower for December is Narcissus – more specifically, paperwhite narcissus or “paperwhites”, which is a type of white daffodil known for its fragrant scent and star-shaped blooms. It represents joyfulness and happiness – perfect traits for those born under this sign! The paperwhite narcissus may also be seen as a symbol of self-love and admiration – qualities that many people strive for throughout their lives but are especially important during times of personal growth or transition.

Zodiac Flower For December Birthdays

In addition to having two official birth flowers, each month has its own zodiac flower associated with it – which can provide further insight into what traits are typical of someone born under this sign. For people born in December, the zodiac flower is Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima). This striking plant produces vibrant red blooms on top of deep green foliage all year round – making it an ideal choice to represent someone with strong inner strength who isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd! It's no wonder why poinsettias are often used as decorations during Christmas time!

Frequently Asked Questions About The December Birth Flower

What kind of soil does holly need? Holly prefers moist soil that drains well but doesn't dry out too quickly - such as sandy loam or clay loam soils - so it's important to keep an eye on your plants' water levels during hot weather months!

Can I grow paperwhite narcissus indoors?

Yes! Paperwhite narcissus are easy-to-grow bulbs that can be planted indoors in pots or containers filled with potting soil mixed with gravel or sand for drainage purposes - just make sure they receive plenty of sunshine (at least 6 hours per day) or artificial light if needed!

Can poinsettias be grown indoors?

Yes - they do best when grown indoors in temperatures between 60°F-85°F (15°C-29°C). Keep them away from cold drafts and provide them with indirect sunlight throughout the day - otherwise they may not bloom properly!

Whether you were born in December or know someone who was, now you can appreciate even more why these two flowers are associated with this special month: holly represents hope against despair while paperwhite narcissus stands as a reminder to practice self-love and admiration; meanwhile poinsettia symbolizes strong inner strength and courage despite difficult circumstances. So go ahead - celebrate yourself (or someone else!) by learning more about these beautiful blooms today!

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