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State Flower

The Beauty and Meaning of Arkansas’ Official State Flower

by Stefan Karatzas 07 Apr 2023
The Stunning Arkansas Apple Blossom

Every state has an official flower. While some states share the same flower, Arkansas is one of the few that has a unique state flower, the Apple Blossom. Let’s explore what this beautiful bloom symbolizes for Arkansans, as well as its history and frequently asked questions about it.

The Meaning of the Apple Blossom

In 1901, when the Apple Blossom was chosen to be the official state flower of Arkansas, it was deemed to represent “the beauty and fragility of life”. It has since come to be known for representing hope and perseverance during hard times.

The pinkish-white flowers are seen as a reminder that no matter how dark things may seem at any given time, there is always beauty to be found in life's struggles.

History of the Apple Blossom

The Apple Blossom (Malus pumila) is part of the Rose family (Rosaceae). It can be found naturally in parts of Europe and Asia but was brought over to America by settlers during colonial times. In Arkansas specifically, however, it’s believed that apple trees were planted in or around 1790 in what is now known as Pope County by a French explorer named Bernard de la Harpe.

These apple trees eventually spread throughout the state and became popular with settlers for their taste and ability to keep for long periods without refrigeration or canning. This popularity led to them becoming associated with Arkansas culture—which eventually resulted in them being chosen as the official state flower.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What other states also have an Apple Blossom as their official state flower?

There are two other states that also have an Apple Blossom as their official state flower—Missouri and Michigan. In addition, Washington D.C., while not technically a state, also has an Apple Blossom as its floral emblem!

The Apple Blossom holds special meaning for all Arkansans; it serves both as a reminder of our shared past and our ability to persevere through difficult times together. Whether you see them growing wild or on display at festivals celebrating our culture throughout the year, you won't ever forget why we chose this beautiful bloom to represent us all these years later! It's easy to see why it remains one of our most beloved symbols today!

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