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State Flower

The Official State Flower of Tennessee: The Iris

by Nicholas Karatzas 02 May 2023

Tennessee has been known for its stunning beauty for years and it’s no surprise that its official state flower, the Iris, is just as gorgeous. This fragrant flower is native to the state, symbolizing faith, wisdom, hope and valor. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, understanding the history and significance of this iconic flower will add even more beauty to your time in Tennessee. Let’s dive into the details of the Iris – the official state flower of Tennessee.

The Meaning Behind the State Flower

The Iris has been a powerful symbol throughout many cultures and religions for centuries. In Ancient Greece it was used as a symbol of power and majesty. In Christianity it represents faith, wisdom and hope while in ancient Egypt it was seen as a symbol of life and immortality. Above all else though, the Iris has come to represent friendship and valor in modern times – two values that are highly respected by Tennesseans.

History of the State Flower

The great thing about this iconic flower is that not only does it embody some very meaningful symbolism but it is also native to Tennessee – making it an ideal choice for its official state flower. It grows naturally across woodlands, wetlands, meadows, roadsides and gardens throughout much of east central United States – with over 200 species existing worldwide! Most notably in Tennessee however you can find blue flag irises (Iris versicolor), southern blue flag irises (Iris virginica shrevei) as well as yellow flag irises (Iris pseudacorus).

Frequently Asked Questions About The State Flower

Q1: What colors do Irises come in?

A1: While Irises come in many different colors including white, yellow, pinkish purple or lavender they are most commonly found in shades of violet-blue which makes them perfect for any garden or landscape!

Q2: Where can I find some Irises?

A2: As Irises grow naturally across woodland areas they are easy to spot if you know what you’re looking for! Keep an eye out while strolling around parks or along roadsides – chances are you’ll see some beautiful blooms soon enough!

Q3: How do I care for my Irises?

A3: Caring for Irises is relatively easy - just make sure to water them regularly during dry spells or heat waves so that their roots don’t dry out too quickly! They also need plenty of sunlight so make sure your plants get at least six hours per day when possible!

All in all, the Iris is an incredibly meaningful addition to any garden or landscape - not only does it represent many important values such as faith, wisdom and valor but it is also native to Tennessee so there's no better way to show your pride than having these beauties gracing your lawn! With a little bit of knowledge on how to care for them properly they will bloom all summer long - providing a stunning display full of color and fragrance wherever they grow! So why not take some time today to admire this beloved state flower? You're sure to be glad you did!

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