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State Flower

Hawaii's State Flower: Hibiscus

by Nicholas Karatzas 22 Dec 2022

Get to Know the Meaning and History of Hawaii's State FlowerThe islands of Hawaii are known for their lush beauty, but did you know that there’s an official state flower as well? It’s true! The hibiscus brackenridgei, otherwise known as the Hawaiian hibiscus, is Hawaii’s official state flower. Let’s explore the meaning, history, and frequently asked questions about this beautiful symbol of the islands.

Meaning & Symbolism - Hawaiian Hibiscus

The Hawaiian hibiscus has a few different symbolic meanings. For example, it is said to represent delicate beauty and grace. It also symbolizes old-fashioned values such as loyalty and hard work. In addition, the hibiscus signifies unity between people because of its many different colors. Last but not least, it stands for resilience in the face of adversity—just like the native Hawaiians who have endured so much throughout their history.

History - Discovered in 1843

Hibiscus brackenridgei was first discovered on the island of Maui by Dr. William Hillebrand in 1843. He brought specimens back with him to Germany where he studied them further and eventually published his findings on this species of hibiscus in 1850. From then on, it was recognized as having a unique appearance that other species do not have; it has thick waxy petals which makes it more resilient against wind and rain than other types of hibiscus flowers found around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What color is the Hawaiian Hibiscus?

A: The Hawaiian Hibiscus can be found in many different colors including white, red, yellow, orange and pink. Each color has its own special meaning associated with it! For example, white stands for purity while pink represents love and friendship. Red symbolizes courage and strength while yellow stands for joyfulness or happiness. Orange signifies enthusiasm or energy!

Q: How long does a Hibiscus flower last?

A: Most Hibiscus flowers will last anywhere from 1-3 days before they start to wilt or fade away! This depends on how much sun exposure they get each day though; if they are kept in direct sunlight all day long then they will not last quite as long compared to being placed in indirect light or shade during certain parts of the day!

Q: What other symbols is Hawaii known for?

A: Besides its state flower (the Hibiscus), Hawaii is also known for its state bird (the Nene goose) and its state gemstone (black coral). Other symbols include tropical fruits such as pineapples and coconuts as well as iconic activities like surfing or snorkeling!


The Hawaiian Hibiscus is a beautiful representation of Hawaii’s culture—a culture that honors resilience in the face of adversity and recognizes old-fashioned values such as loyalty and hard work. With its unique look that sets it apart from other varieties around the world plus its various meanings rooted in unity among people regardless of color or creed—it’s no wonder why this gorgeous flower was designated as Hawaii’s official state flower over 175 years ago! Whether you live near these lovely islands or are just visiting them—take some time to appreciate this vibrant symbol that stands tall amid whatever life throws your way!

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