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State Flower

The Official State Flower of Maine

by Nicholas Karatzas 26 Dec 2022

With its vibrant colors, the official state flower of Maine is a sight to behold. But what does it mean? How did it become the official state flower of Maine? Here, we'll explore the history, meaning, and facts about this stunning symbol of Maine.

The Official State Flower of Maine

The official state flower of Maine is the White Pine Cone and Tassel. This beautiful flower was adopted as an official representation of the state in 1895 after being proposed by five eighth-grade girls from South Berwick who believed that it should be made the official emblem for their home state. The white pine cone and tassel was chosen because it was found throughout the region and symbolized strength and endurance.

Maine State Flower Meaning

The White Pine Cone and Tassel is a symbol of strength, resilience, and loyalty to one’s home state. It's also used to represent wisdom, abundance, and peace. In addition, its colors - green, yellow and brown - are said to signify hope for a brighter future in Maine.

Facts About Maine State Flower

  • The White Pine Cone and Tassel grows on evergreen trees that can reach heights up to 100 feet tall!
  • It's composed mostly of male flowers with yellow stamens surrounded by green bracts (modified leaves).
  • Each cone contains several hundred seeds that can be dispersed by wind or by animals such as birds or squirrels.
  • Its distinctive shape is designed to protect its fragile seeds from predators while allowing them to easily travel through air currents or over land via animals.
  • It takes up to three years for a white pine cone to mature enough for harvesting!
  • This tree species is one of only two conifers native to North America - the other being Eastern Hemlock - which makes it an important part of our country’s natural ecosystem!

The White Pine Cone and Tassel has been an integral part of Maine’s culture since 1895 when it was adopted as the official state flower. Its symbolism speaks volumes about the importance that Mainers place on strength, resilience, loyalty, wisdom, abundance and peace—all essential qualities in any healthy society! Although some may not know much about this beautiful bloom beyond its name or appearance, learning more about this striking symbol can help us appreciate all that makes our beloved home state so special!

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