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State Flower

Minnesota's State Flower: The Showy Lady's Slipper

by Nicholas Karatzas 26 Dec 2022

Have you ever wondered why the Showy Lady’s Slipper is the official state flower of Minnesota? This article will provide information on why it was chosen, its symbolism, and a few interesting facts. Read on to learn more about this beautiful flower and what it means for Minnesotans.

History of the Showy Lady's Slipper as the State Flower of Minnesota

The Showy Lady’s Slipper (Cypripedium reginae) was officially adopted as the state flower of Minnesota in 1902. Its scientific name means “queen’s shoe,” and this exotic wildflower is often referred to as the “moccasin flower.” It has a unique shape that resembles a moccasin shoe with delicate petals that come in shades of pink or white. The Showy Lady’s Slipper grows abundantly throughout the state and can be found in large colonies along roadsides, in meadows, and near lakes and ponds. It is an iconic symbol for Minnesotans that represents its diverse landscapes and natural beauty.

Symbolism Behind the Minnesota State Flower

The Showy Lady’s Slipper has been used to represent many different things over time, including royalty, grace, elegance, femininity, gentleness, humility, charm, peace, joyfulness, strength, longevity and luck. It has become a symbol of resilience for Minnesotans who have endured harsh winters but still come out stronger each year with boundless energy to take on new challenges. The Showy Lady’s Slipper also serves as an important reminder to protect our natural environment so that future generations can continue to enjoy its beauty.

Fun Facts About the Minnesota State Flower

  • The Showy Lady’s Slipper is one of only two terrestrial orchids native to North America; it is also known as “Queen of American Orchids.”
  • According to Native American folklore, drinking tea made from this flower can promote healing from illnesses such as colds and stomach aches.
  • The Showy Lady’s Slipper blooms from late May through June each year and typically lasts for 3-4 weeks before going dormant until next season.

From its history to its symbolism to its fun facts - there are many reasons why we love the Showy Lady's Slipper here in Minnesota! Not only does it represent our lush landscapes and natural beauty but it also serves as a reminder to protect our environment so that future generations can enjoy its beauty too! Whether you're a long-time resident or just visiting - don't forget to check out this beautiful state flower while you're here!

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