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Flower meaning

The Meaning of Gardenia Flowers

by Nicholas Karatzas 19 Dec 2022

Gardenias are beautiful, fragrant flowers that have captivated the hearts of many. Whether you're giving gardenias as a gift to celebrate a special occasion or simply wishing someone well, there is much symbolism behind these delicate blooms. Let's explore the meaning and symbolism behind gardenias, their history, and when they are in season.

The History Behind Gardenias
Gardenias are native to southern and eastern Asia and were first discovered by Europeans during the 1600s. Since then, they have been prized for their exquisite beauty and fragrance. The scientific name for this flower is "Gardenia jasminoides," which translates to “perfumed jasmine-like gardenia.” This speaks volumes about why people love them so much!

What Occasions Are Gardenias Used For?
Gardenias symbolize joy, love, purity, grace, and elegance. They can be used to express any number of sentiments depending on the situation or occasion. Here are some common occasions where gardenias are often used:
- Weddings: Gardenias represent purity and innocence, which makes them a perfect choice for weddings. The deep green foliage also brings in a sense of newness as it symbolizes fresh beginnings.
- Mother’s Day: As gardenias represent grace and elegance, they make a wonderful gift for your mother on Mother's Day. It is sure to put her in an extra good mood!
- Valentine’s Day: Show your significant other how much you care with a bouquet of gardenia flowers! These blooms represent love and trust - two qualities that all relationships need in order for them to thrive.
- Funerals: White gardenias can be used as funeral decorations because they symbolize peace and restful sleep after one's passing away from this world. They can bring some comfort during such difficult times.

Meaning Of Different Colors Of Gardenias
White gardenia flowers signify innocence, purity, spiritual strength, and harmony while yellow ones embody joyfulness and happiness - perfect for occasions like birthdays or anniversaries! Red gardenia flowers signify passion - great for Valentine’s Day gifts! Lastly, pink varieties signal social standing while orange ones signify friendship; both shades are appropriate for almost any occasion!

When Are Gardenias In Season?
Gardenia season typically runs from April through October in most parts of the world but can be extended if grown indoors or protected from extreme weather conditions outdoors (i.e., cold snaps). If you’re looking to buy some fresh gardenia blooms during this time frame – get them fast before they quickly become out of stock again!

From weddings to funerals – there isn't an occasion where these magnificent blooms won't fit perfectly into the atmosphere! With their delightful scent and stunning appearance – it isn't hard to see why people have fallen in love with these exquisite blossoms throughout history; not only do these flowers bring joy but also hope & peace into our lives every single day we spend admiring them from afar or up close & personal! So next time you find yourself needing floral arrangements – don’t forget about adding some gorgeous & timelessly elegant Gardenias into your selections too!

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