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Discover the Symbolism and Meaning of Peony Flowers

by Nicholas Karatzas 19 Dec 2022

Peony flowers are some of the most beautiful and beloved flowers in the world, with a history that stretches back thousands of years. From weddings to Mother’s Day to funerals, peonies have been used in countless occasions, both for their beauty and for their symbolism. Let’s dive into what makes peonies so special.

The Meaning of Peonies

Peony flowers have long been associated with good fortune and prosperity. In Chinese culture, they symbolize wealth, honor, romance and a happy marriage. The ancient Greek believed they could ward off evil spirits while in Japanese culture they represent courage, good luck and compassion. As you can see, the symbolic meaning of peonies varies from culture to culture, but one thing remains consistent—peonies are symbols of good luck and love!

Different Occasions for Peonies

When it comes to occasions that call for peony flowers, there are many! Peonies are often found in wedding bouquets since they symbolize prosperity and a happy marriage. On Mother’s Day, peonies carry additional meaning as symbols of nurturing and motherly love. They also make great gifts for Valentine’s Day since they represent romance and passion. Finally, at funerals or memorial services peonies symbolize everlasting life after death.

Meaning of Different Colors of Peonies

Just like any other type of flower, different colors of peonies convey different messages depending on their hue and shade. For instance, white peony flowers symbolize innocence while pink ones signify youthfulness or joyfulness; red ones evoke passionate love while purple ones mean wealth; yellow hues denote happiness while orange shades stand for enthusiasm; blue blooms suggest adventure or fantasy; lavender hues bring out gracefulness; green stems stand for growth or rebirth; black petals evoke mystery or sorrow; and finally peach blossoms signify friendship or admiration.

When Are Peonies In Season?

Peony season typically runs from late April through early June each year in North America—so if you want to enjoy these gorgeous blooms in your garden make sure you plant them between those months! Additionally, stores usually stock fresh-cut seasonal varieties during this time as well if you need a quick pick-me-up or want to give someone else a floral bouquet as a surprise!

Peony flowers are truly special—not only for their beauty but also for the symbolism behind them. From weddings to funerals these beautiful blooms can be found brightening up any occasion with their unique meanings across cultures throughout history! With so many different colors available too there’s something perfect out there no matter what message you want to send—just make sure you get your peony fix during its peak season from late April through early June each year! Hopefully this guide has helped shed some light on why we all love these stunning blooms so much!

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