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The History, Meaning, and Symbolism of Lily Flowers

by Nicholas Karatzas 19 Dec 2022
Lilies are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them perfect for any occasion. But what is the history behind these exquisite blooms? What do they mean, and what symbolism do they carry? In this guide, we'll explore all these topics as well as answer frequently asked questions about lily flowers.

The History Behind Lilies
Lilies have been around since ancient times, with references to them being found in Greek mythology dating back to 1580 BC. In ancient Egypt, lilies were used to symbolize fertility and rebirth, while in Greece they were associated with motherhood and purity. During the Middle Ages, lilies were seen as a symbol of chastity and virtue. Today, they still retain much of that symbolism but are also used to celebrate a variety of occasions.

The Meaning of Lillies for Weddings and Symbolism
Lilies are often used to decorate weddings because they represent love and devotion between two people. White lilies signify virginity, purity, innocence and humility—all qualities that make them perfect for wedding ceremonies. Pink lilies represent admiration and joy; yellow lilies stand for thankfulness; orange lilies signify passion; red lilies express deep love; lavender or purple lilies represent enchantment; peach or coral-colored lillies signify desire; while multi-colored lillies convey happiness.

The Meaning of Lillies For Mother’s Day and Symbolism
Lillies are often given on Mother’s Day because they represent motherhood and maternal love. White stargazer lillies are especially popular as gifts on this day because they connote purity, dedication, ambition and success—all values that mothers strive to instill into their children. Pink stargazer lillies express admiration toward mothers while orange stargazer lillies stand for appreciation and pride—the perfect sentiment for celebrating mothers everywhere!

The Meaning of Lillies at Funerals And Symbolism
White calla lilies are often found at funerals because white is associated with mourning in many cultures around the world. They can be used to honor those who have passed away by expressing sympathy towards family members as well as expressing respect towards the deceased person's life accomplishments or life story. Calla lily is also a flower whose meaning is renewal - it signifies a fresh start after death - which is why it is so commonly seen at funerals.

No matter what its color or size may be, a Lily flower carries much history behind it as well as deep meanings that span across different cultures throughout time. Whether you use them for weddings or Mother’s Day celebrations or funerals (or just because!), Lily flowers make an excellent choice due to their beauty as well as their profound symbolic significance! With this guide covering everything from the history behind these blooms to their meaning according to various occasions like weddings or funerals - you now have all you need to know about Lily flowers! Happy Flower Shopping!
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