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The Meaning and Symbolism Behind the Aster Flower

by Nicholas Karatzas 19 Dec 2022

Asters have been around since ancient times, and throughout the centuries, they’ve come to represent a variety of emotions. From being a symbol for patience to being a sign of love, beauty, and admiration, this delicate flower has many meanings. Let’s explore the fascinating history behind aster flowers and what occasions they are used for today.

The History Behind Aster Flowers
Aster flowers have been around since ancient times. They were first cultivated in Ancient Greece, where they were said to be a favorite flower of the goddess Asterea – which is how these blooms got their name! In Greek mythology, Asterea was the goddess of stars and was known for her patience and ability to wait until the time was right before taking action or giving advice. This is why aster flowers often symbolize patience in modern-day culture.

What Occasions are Aster Used For?
Asters can be used in all sorts of occasions – from weddings to Mother’s Day celebrations. Let’s take a look at some specific occasions where aster flowers are commonly used:
• Weddings – Asters have long been associated with love, so it's no surprise that they are often used in wedding bouquets! The meaning behind these blooms adds an extra layer of sentimentality to any bridal bouquet, making them perfect for your special day. Plus, with their bright colors and unique shape, they make an eye-catching addition to any bridal look!
• Mother’s Day – Asters make a great gift for Mom on her special day! Not only do these beautiful blossoms represent patience (just like moms!), but their vibrant colors make them cheerful additions to any flower arrangement. Plus, with their unique shape and texture, they give any bouquet added dimension and depth!
• Valentine’s Day – Asters make lovely Valentines gifts as well! These blooms represent adoration and admiration – two things that everyone loves to receive on Valentine’s Day! Plus, with so many varieties available in different colors and sizes, you can find just the right type of aster flower for your loved one. • Funerals – Asters can also be used during funerals as symbols of remembrance and hope. With their bright colors and uplifting message of patience, they provide comfort during difficult times while also reminding us that there is still beauty in life even after loss. What better way to honor someone you love than by surrounding them with these beautiful blooms?

Meaning of Different Colors of Aster
Just like other types of flowers, aster blooms come in different colors - each color conveying its own unique meaning or symbolism. Some popular colors include white (innocence), pink (gratitude), purple (royalty/regal), red (love), blue (trust/loyalty), yellow (friendship/joy). So if you want your bouquet or floral arrangement to convey a specific emotion or sentimentality - choose your aster blooms accordingly!

When Are Aster In Season?
Aster season begins in late summer into early fall depending on what part of the world you live in - which means now is the perfect time to start looking for these gorgeous blooms! Whether you’re planning for your wedding or just want some colorful arrangements around your house - now is definitely the time to get shopping for some fresh aster blossoms.

As we've seen here today, aster flowers hold a lot of symbolism across cultures - from being symbols of patience in Ancient Greece all the way up through modern-day weddings as symbols of love & adoration! These delicate blossoms come in various sizes & shapes - plus lots different colors too - all conveying different emotions & sentiments based on what occasion you're using them for. Whether it's Mother's Day or a funeral service - having some fresh asters around will surely add an extra layer of beauty & meaning no matter where you find yourself this season! So go ahead & grab some asters while they're still in season & enjoy their captivating beauty throughout autumn & beyond!

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