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Seasonal Fruit Guide

Summertime is Apricot Time: When to Buy Different Types of Apricots and What Makes Each Unique

by Nicholas Karatzas 18 Dec 2022

We all know that certain fruits have a specific season. But did you know that different varieties of apricots also have their own prime time? It’s true—apricots are one of the most versatile fruits out there, so let’s take a closer look at when to buy each type and why they’re worth adding into your summertime shopping cart.

When Are Apricots In Season?

Apricots typically ripen in late spring and early summer. But depending on where you live, you might find some types of apricots in stores throughout the year. For example, if you live in a warm climate or near farms where apricots are grown, you can find them for much longer than other places. You can even plant an apricot tree in your backyard and enjoy fresh fruit from July to August every year!

Different Apricot Varieties And The Best Time To Buy Each

Now that you know when to expect apricots to be in season, it’s time to dive into the different varieties and see which ones are the best for buying during this time of year. There are three main types: Blenheim, Royal and Moorpark. Here's a brief overview of each type so you can decide which one fits your needs best:

When to Buy Blenheim Apricot 

Blenheims are sweet with a slight tartness and they're great for baking as well as eating fresh. They're available from May through August in California but they may be available elsewhere earlier or later depending on the climate.

When to Buy Royal Apricot

Royals have a mild flavor and they're perfect for eating out of hand or using in recipes such as jams or compotes. These apricots ripen from June through August depending on where you live.

When to Buy Moorpark Apricot

Moorparks are sweet-tart with a hint of citrusy flavor that makes them perfect for snacks or desserts like cobblers or crumbles. They're usually available from July through September in California but may show up later if you're somewhere else with cooler temperatures.

If you love apricots and want to make sure that you get the best taste possible, it pays to know what type is available when so you can plan your shopping accordingly. As we’ve seen, different varieties have their own peak season—Blenheims from May through August; Royals from June through August; and Moorparks from July through September—so now all that remains is deciding which one sounds most delicious! So go ahead ladies…it's summertime…time to go crazy buying those delicious little orange gems known as apricots! Enjoy!

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