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Seasonal Fruit Guide

Pomegranate Power: When to Buy and the Different Varieties You Should Know

by Nicholas Karatzas 18 Dec 2022

Have you ever been bombarded with pomegranates while grocery shopping and been left wondering "when is the best time to buy these?" Or maybe you've noticed that there are different types of pomegranates, but don't know which one you should be buying? Well, we have all the answers for you right here! Read on to learn when is the best time to buy pomegranates, and the different varieties that exist!

When Is The Best Time To Buy Pomegranate?

Generally speaking, pomegranates tend to be in season from late fall through winter. That being said, what can vary is the specific timing from region to region. So, if you’re looking for a more specific answer for your area, it would be wise to ask your local grocer or farmer’s market about when their supply of pomegranates will come in. For example, if you live in California, some sources suggest that October is an optimal time of year for purchasing this sweet and tart fruit.

Different Varieties Of Pomegranate

Did you know there are actually several different varieties of pomegranate? While there are numerous types out there, here are a few popular ones that you might find at your local grocery store or farmer’s market:

Sweet Scarlet Pomegranate:

This variety has dark-red skin and juicy red flesh. It has a sweet taste and is considered one of the most widely available types of pomegranates.

Parfianka Pomegranate:

This type has light-green skin with pink-tinged flesh. It has sweet and sour notes with hints of lime flavor.

Wonderful Pomegranate:

As its name suggests, this type is considered “wonderful” because it delivers great flavor with a balance between sweetness and tartness. The skin is typically red-orange in color while the flesh varies from white to pinkish-red hue.

Ambrosia Pomegranate:

This variety has an orange hue and its flesh offers sweetness without much tartness or acidity. No matter which type of pomegranate catches your eye at the store or farmer’s market—they are all sure to offer excellent flavor!

Pomegranates have so much to offer—from their beautiful jewel-like colors to their delicious taste! And now that you know when they are in season as well as what some of their popular varieties are, you can make informed decisions next time you head out for some grocery shopping. So next time someone asks "when do I buy this amazing fruit?", we hope you'll have all the answers! Happy shopping everyone!


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