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Seasonal Fruit Guide

When Clementines Are In Season: Best Time to Buy Clementines

by Nicholas Karatzas 18 Dec 2022

Clementines are a tart and sweet citrus fruit that burst with flavor. They are one of the most popular types of oranges in the United States, but have you ever wondered when they are in season? Well, you're in luck because clementine season is upon us! Let's explore what makes clementine season so special and the different varieties of this popular fruit.

When Are Clementines in Season?

Clementines are typically available from October to April, with peak season being January through April. It's important to note that clementines are not grown year-round; rather, they typically go through a few weeks of harvesting before becoming available for purchase. So if you want to enjoy this tart treat at its best, make sure to look for them during their peak season.

Different Clementine Varieties

Not all clementines are created equal; there are several varieties available depending on when you purchase them. The two most common varieties of clementines are the Nules variety (available from October to December) and the Murcott variety (available from January to April). Both varieties have their own unique flavor profiles; Nules tend to be more tart while Murcotts have a sweeter taste.

When Is the Best Time To Buy Clementines?

The answer depends on what type of clementine you’re looking for! If you prefer a tart flavor profile, then look for Nules in October or November. If you like your clementines sweet and juicy, then seek out Murcotts in January or February. Whichever variety you choose, make sure that they’re bright orange and free from any brown spots or bruises before buying them!

Whether it's because of their sweet-tart flavor profile or their convenience as an easy snack on-the-go, it's no wonder why clementines remain one of America's favorite citrus fruits year after year. Now that it’s officially clementine season again, why not take advantage of all that these little treats have to offer? Look for Nules if you prefer a more tart flavor and Murcotts if you like your oranges extra sweet. Enjoy!

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