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Seasonal Fruit Guide

Honeydew, the Perfect Party Fruit (and When to Buy Them)

by Nicholas Karatzas 17 Dec 2022

Honeydews are one of those fruits that seem like they should be difficult to find and even harder to serve at a party, but the truth is that honeydews are actually quite easy to source and they make a lovely addition to any occasion. Let’s dive into why this melon is so perfect for parties and when the best time of year is to buy them.

Where Do They Come From?
Honeydews are native to parts of Africa, but today you can find these delicious melons in many countries around the world including India, Mexico, Brazil and even parts of the United States. In fact, California produces some of the sweetest honeydews you will ever taste!

When Is The Best Time To Buy Honeydew?
The best time to buy honeydew is during its peak season which runs from May through October. During this period, you can expect to find a variety of different types of honeydews with different levels of sweetness and ripeness. For example, if you're looking for something very ripe and sweet then try getting your honeydews in June or July. However, if you prefer something firmer with a slightly tart flavor then October is the time for you!

How To Serve Honeydew At A Party
Honeydews make an excellent addition to any party because they are so versatile. You can serve them up as part of a fruit salad or just on their own as an individual snack. If you want something really special then try making a honeydew sorbet or ice cream – it’s sure to be a hit! If you’re feeling adventurous then why not try grilling your honeydews over an open flame for added smokiness? Yum!

Honeydews may not be everyone's favorite fruit but there's no denying that they can add some sweetness (and color!) to any occasion. The key is knowing when their peak season is so that you can get the highest quality melons possible. So remember, May through October is the prime time for buying honeydews – now go out there and enjoy!

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