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Seasonal Fruit Guide

The PEAR-fect Time to Buy (and Eat) Pears!

by Nicholas Karatzas 17 Dec 2022

Who knew that pears could be so complicated? Most of us just think of them as sweet and juicy treats that are delicious in salads, baked goods, and even on their own. But there’s a lot more to pears than meets the eye. Different types of pears come from different parts of the world, and depending on the season, some varieties may be more ripe or delicious than others. So when is the best time to buy pears? Let’s take a look at the facts.

The Best Time of Year for Pears
When it comes to buying pears, timing is everything. You want them to be ripe enough to eat but not so ripe that they’ve gone bad. Generally speaking, late summer through early autumn is the best time of year for buying pears. During this period, you should have access to a variety of different varieties, including Anjou, Bosc, Bartlett, and Comice pears—all at their peak ripeness and flavor!

Different Types of Pears
Now that you know when to buy your pears let’s talk about different types. Anjou pears are probably the most popular type you can find in grocery stores and markets worldwide; they have a mild sweetness with just a hint of tartness. Bosc pear have a similar flavor profile but tend to be firmer in texture—perfect for baking or poaching! Bartlett pears are incredibly juicy with an intensely sweet taste while Comice pear are known for their buttery texture and floral aroma.

Are There Certain Types That Are Best To Buy At Certain Times Of The Year?
Yes! Although all types of pear will typically peak in late summer/early autumn, some varieties won’t be available until later in the season—like Comice pear which tend to peak around mid-September or October. If you’re looking for something specific like Bosc or Anjou pear then you should plan on buying them earlier in the season (late August/early September).

Picking out the perfect pear doesn't have to feel like an impossible task! Just remember that late summer/early fall is usually when all types of pear are at their peak ripeness and flavor—so grab your grocery list and head out to your local store during this time for your best selection! And don't forget that different types have different textures and flavors; so if you're looking for something specific like Bosc or Comice pear then make sure you check when those varieties peak so you don't miss out on their unique qualities. Happy shopping (and eating)!

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