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State Flower

All About the Official State Flower of Idaho: Syringa

by Nicholas Karatzas 02 Jan 2023

Idaho is a beautiful state, and its official flower—the Syringa—is a symbol of the natural beauty found within its borders. The Syringa has a rich history in the Gem State, and it carries meaning for locals and visitors alike. Let’s explore the fascinating story behind this special blossom.

The Meaning of the Syringa as Idaho's State Flower

The Syringa was chosen to be the official state flower of Idaho in 1931 due to its fragrant blossoms and hardiness in diverse climates. It symbolizes beauty, strength, and endurance—all qualities that are integral to life in Idaho. The name “Syringa” itself comes from an old Greek word that means “pipe” or “tube” due to the shape of the blossoms' flowers. The blooms also have a distinct fragrance that can be enjoyed from up to five feet away!

History of the Syringa in Idaho

The Syringa was first introduced into North America by French explorers during their travels through Canada in 1817. This species would eventually make its way to Idaho, where it gained popularity over time due to its ability to thrive even in harsh weather conditions. In 1931, Governor C. Ben Ross officially declared the Syringa as Idaho's state flower after it received overwhelming support from local citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions About Idaho's State Flower

Q: What month does the Syringa bloom?

A: The blooming period for most varieties usually takes place between late May and early June each year, although some may bloom earlier or later depending on environmental conditions such as temperature and rainfall amounts.

Q: Do any other states have similar flowers?

A: Yes! Other states with similar flowers include New York (Rhododendron), Massachusetts (Mayflower), and Virginia (American Dogwood). Each one carries unique symbolism connected to their respective states!


The official state flower of Idaho is not just another pretty face; it carries deep historical significance for locals and visitors alike. From its fragrant blooms to its symbolic meaning, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to this iconic blossom. Whether you live in or visit this great state, take some time out of your day to appreciate all that goes into making the Syringa such an important part of life here in Idaho!

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