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State Flower

Alaska's State Flower: Forget-Me-Not Flower

by Nicholas Karatzas 02 Jan 2023

Every state in the United States has its own official state flower that is chosen to represent the beauty and culture of that particular state. The great state of Alaska is no exception, with its official state flower being the Forget-Me-Not. Let’s take a look at the history, meaning, and frequently asked questions about Alaska’s beautiful state flower.

History of the Forget-Me-Not As Alaska’s State Flower

The Forget-Me-Not was officially adopted as the Alaskan State Flower in 1949. It was chosen due to its strong representation of Alaska’s blue skies, beautiful landscape, and abundant wildlife. The forget-me-not is also an incredibly resilient flower, which speaks to the strength and spirit of Alaska’s people. In addition to being known as a symbol of remembrance and love, this bright blue flower has come to be representative of all that makes Alaska unique and special.

Meaning Behind the Forget-Me-Not as Alaska’s State Flower

The forget-me-not has long been a symbol of remembrance used in many cultures around the world. Its delicate petals are said to remind people of their loved ones who have passed away or left them behind. In addition, it has become a symbol for hope in difficult times as it continues to bloom even after harsh winters have killed other plants around it. This resilience is why it was chosen as a representation for all Alaskans - no matter how challenging our lives may be at times, we continue on with courage and determination.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Forget Me Not As Alaska’s State Flower

Q: When did Forget Me Not become Alaska's state flower?

A: The forget me not was officially adopted by Governor Ernest Gruening in 1949 as part of his proclamation establishing June 4th as “Statehood Day."

Q: What does "Forget Me Not" mean?

A: The phrase "Forget Me Not" is meant to be a reminder for us not to forget about those who are no longer here with us either physically or emotionally; those who have passed away or moved on from our lives but still hold a special place in our hearts forevermore.

Q: How do I care for my Forget Me Nots?

A: For best results when caring for your forget me nots, make sure they are planted in well drained soil with plenty of sunshine throughout the day! Keep an eye out for signs of wilting or discoloration so you can take action quickly if necessary! Additionally, make sure you water them regularly but not too often - overwatering can easily lead to root rot and disease development!


The forget me not is one of nature's most delightful flowers - its tiny petals evoke feelings of both joy and sadness at once - joy from its colorful display and sadness from its reminder that some things are never forgotten even after they are gone. It is truly fitting for such a unique flower to serve as an emblem for what makes Alaska so special - resilience under tough conditions and an appreciation for life despite life's ups and downs. Whether you're looking for something beautiful or meaningful (or both!), you can't go wrong with forgetting about this Alaskan gem!

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