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State Flower

An Overview of Missouri's Official State Flower: Hawthorn

by Nicholas Karatzas 13 Jan 2023

Missouri is a beautiful state, and one way it celebrates its beauty is by having an official state flower. The state flower of Missouri is the Hawthorn, which is a perfect representation of the spirit and natural beauty of the Show-Me State. Here, we’ll explore the history and meaning behind this beautiful flower, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about it.

History Of The Hawthorn Tree

The Missouri Hawthorn tree has been around for thousands of years. It was first discovered in Europe but quickly spread to North America with settlers. It’s a hardy tree that can survive a wide range of climates, making it perfect for Missouri's weather. In 1923, the Hawthorn tree was officially declared the state flower of Missouri by then-Governor Arthur M. Hyde.

Meaning Behind The Hawthorn Tree

The Hawthorn tree has a deep meaning that makes it perfect for representing the state of Missouri—it symbolizes hope and renewal. As Governor Hyde said during his speech, “It stands for courage in adversity; it typifies fortitude in upholding our traditions; it stands for loyalty to principles; it represents faithfulness to obligations assumed and confidence in ultimate success." The Hawthorn tree perfectly embodies all these values, making it an ideal representation for the Show-Me State.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Hawthorn Tree

Q: How long does a hawthorn tree live?

A: A hawthorn tree can live up to 200 years! They are long-lived trees that can withstand tough conditions with ease.

Q: What colors do hawthorns bloom in?

A: Most hawthorns will bloom in shades of white or pink, though some varieties may also have yellow or orange blooms as well!

Q: Are hawthorns poisonous?

A: Yes—the leaves and fruits of hawthorns contain toxins that can be harmful if consumed in large amounts. If you have them growing near your home, make sure children don't eat any parts of them!

Whether you are from Missouri or not, there's no denying that the state flower—the Hawtorn—is an apt representation for this great state. Its history dates back centuries, and its symbolic meaning embodies many of the virtues held dear by Missourian's everywhere—hope and renewal amongst them. Plus, with its stunning flowers blooming throughout springtime each year, it's easy to see why many consider this beautiful plant to be such an iconic part of life here in Missouri!

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