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State Flower

State Flower of Indiana: Peony

by Nicholas Karatzas 22 Dec 2022

Indiana is home to the beautiful peony flower, which has been officially designated as the state flower since 1957. The peony symbolizes wealth and prosperity, making it an appropriate choice for a state that prides itself on its abundance of natural resources. But what does the peony mean? And how did it become the official state flower of Indiana? Let’s take a closer look.

What Does the Peony Symbolize?

The meaning of peony flowers is actually really awesome. The peony is an ancient symbol that has long been associated with prosperity and wealth. In some countries, like Japan, it stands for good fortune and success in business. In others, like Korea, it is said to represent good luck and honor. In China, the peony has long been seen as a symbol of springtime renewal and hope for a better future. Additionally, some believe that the peony can bring about healing and even ward off evil spirits – something that makes this state flower especially fitting for Indiana!

How Did the Peony Become Indiana's Official State Flower?

In 1957, Governor George Craig signed legislation designating the peony as Indiana's official state flower. This decision was made by members of the General Assembly who felt that this particular species of flower was representative of both beauty and strength – two qualities that they felt made it perfect for representing their state. The decision also received support from many local garden clubs who believed that choosing this particular bloom would help boost tourism in their area by drawing more people to see these stunning flowers in person.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Indiana State Flower

Q: What color are peonies? A: Peonies come in a variety of colors including white, pink, red, purple and yellow.
Q: How big do peonies grow? A: Most varieties of peonies grow between 3-5 feet tall with blooms ranging from 1-4 inches across.
Q: When do peonies bloom in Indiana? A: Peonies typically bloom in late May or early June each year depending on your location within Indiana.

The beautiful peony symbolizes prosperity, good fortune, honor and renewal - all excellent qualities to have associated with one's state! With its strong history behind it and its well-deserved position as one of nature’s most beloved florals, this gorgeous bloom continues to be one of Indiana’s most recognizable symbols today! Whether you're a native Hoosier or just visiting our great state during peak blooming season, make sure to take some time to appreciate our official state flower - you won't regret it!​

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